We have videos suitable for roll call and other types of police training, as well as books, reports, audiobooks, journals and magazines. In fact, if you would like to see some of our newest acquisitions, they are listed here:

Although we don’t have a stand-alone online catalog of all our holdings, there are three ways you can find out what books we have. The easiest, if you are employed by a Chicago-area law enforcement agency, is to call or email the librarian and ask if we have a particular title, or ask for a list of what we have on a particular subject. The librarian can be reached at 630-896-8860 x108, or We can then email you a list of items that might be of interest to you. If you would like to borrow any, just ask. We can work out a lending due date, and send out the available items. If you aren’t with a department, we do offer interlibrary loan through your public or academic library.

If you’re looking for a particular book, you can use to see if NEMRT has a copy. Go to, type in the title, the author, the ISBN, or conduct an advanced search. Once you’ve found the record for that book, you can scroll down and see a list of libraries that own it. If you see the NEMRT Instructors Library listed, you can either request a copy via interlibrary loan through your public or academic library, or call the librarian. If it’s here, we would be glad to loan it to you.

(It’s often best to call first. Sometimes, the Worldcat online database will lump all editions of a book into a single listing, and the NEMRT Library will appear to own an edition that it doesn’t. But we’re always glad to help you find what you’re looking for.)

Incidentally, you can view all our WorldCat reading lists at:

If you’re in the area, you can also come in and browse. Call the librarian first, to schedule an appointment. We’ll look forward to seeing you!

Finding a book at the North East Multi-Regional Training Instructors Library is pretty much like finding one at any other library, except that:

The NEMRT Library uses its own cataloging system, so the call numbers probably won’t look like any you’ve seen anywhere else. They look and function like zip codes, with five levels of identification. The system is not all that important to someone looking for a particular book, but (for the curious), the basic groupings are below.

If you like to browse through libraries, that information might help you find pastures to your liking. Or, since in many cases book titles aren’t on the books’ spines, you might want to look through the library Shelf List. It works like the other indexes, only it lists the books in the order in which they appear on the shelves.

Numbers beginning with:

0 – Reference Books 1 Law Enforcement Related
111 Police Management 112 Operations
113 Equipment 114 Police Officers
115 Criminalistics 116 Investigations
117 Police Education 118 Unique considerations
119 Police and the Public 2 Corrections-Related
3 Law-Related 4 Crime-Related
41 Juvenile Crime 42 White Collar Crime
43 Organized Crime 44 Crime and the Public
45 Other Crimes 46 Crimes Research
47 Affected Areas 49 Records
5 People-Related (a lot of things about offenders, crime prevention, and human behavior are here) 6 Government-Related
7 Management-Related (though management issues related to law enforcement are in "1") 8 Other (any subject that doesn't fit into the above groupings goes here)
9 NEMRT-Related and Law Enforcement Training Program-related  


Again, if you would like to borrow anything – or if you know of any items that ought to be in the NEMRT Instructors Library, do let me know. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!

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