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Bonus Training

40 Hour Manadatory Firearms Training Program / 4 Hour Firearms Waiver Information

To be given Course Participants

Public Act 79-652 states, "Possession and use of a firearm, in connection with official duties of a peace officer in Illinois, is conditional upon participation and successful completion of 40 Hour Firearms Training."

Your agency supervisor has scheduled you to participate in a 40 Hour Mandatory Firearms Training Program. This program satisfies the requirements of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board.

Training includes classroom instruction and weapons practice at a firing range with instructors certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board. The following conditions were established through the cooperative efforts of the Board and North East Multi-Regional Training. Inc. It is your responsibility to read these conditions thoroughly and adhere to all of them. These include:

  • Report to training as instructed by your Chief, Sheriff, or Training Officer

  • Safety regulations of the range, weapon conditions, and ammunition use will be directed by the Range Master and his assistants.

  • The Range Master will instruct and enforce strict regulations for safe handling and use of weapons at all times. Anyone who endangers the safety or well-being of others will be ejected from the premises. This includes horseplay, carelessness, or any other inappropriate behavior.

  • You must bring your own weapon, ammunition, and required equipment The Range Master and his assistants will not provide, repair, or replace any equipment. Please make certain all equipment is in proper working condition.

  • Classroom instruction is held in the evening. You are required to bring notebooks, pens or pencils. DO NOT BRING WEAPONS OR AMMUNITION TO CLASSROOM SESSIONS.

  • Range instruction is held on Saturdays and Sundays. You are required to bring the following to the range:

  • Service weapon in safe firing condition

  • Duty holster

  • 550 rounds ammunition (factory or reload)

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Shotgun in safe firing condition

  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor range (depending on class location)

  • Cleaning kit for your service weapon

  • Bag lunch or money to purchase meal

State statute requires successful completion of this training BEFORE you can legally carry a weapon while performing law enforcement duties. Successful completion is achieved with at least a 70% on the written examination and 70% on each of the two qualification shooting rounds.

Re-testing for a failed written examination or a failed range qualification will be handled in accordance with the policies of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board.

Care and use of your weapon is a serious matter. You are required to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times during this training program.