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The ILETSB has announce the opening of the Camera Grant Program and are now accepting application through June 24, 2022. Please see the following website for more information: ILETSB Camera Grant Program


The Part-Time Basic Law Enforcement Academy is a 9 month, 560 hour acadmeny consisting of both online and classroom training. The classroom portion is conducted two weekends a month and attendance is required by all recruits. We cannot accept civilians, auxiliary, non-sworn officers, sworn officers hired for full-time status, or officers who have previously successfully passed the full-time academy. No officer may enroll for this training on his/her own. Enrollment must come through the employing agency.

Requirements for attending the Part-Time Basic Law Enforcement Acadmey are as followed:

The POWER Test will be held at Crestwood Wellness And Recreation Center on the following dates (please contact us to schedule your time slot)

The next part-time basic law enforcement academy will begin on August 27, 2022. Registration starts immediately and enrollments will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Spots cannot be held without completed paperwork. Per ILETSB rules, registration closes on TBA (Two weeks prior to the start of the academy). **Paperwork will ONLY be accepted via scan/email—do not fax enrollment forms**

Please click here for the Part-Time Enrollment Packet

***Tuition will be $1,700 per officer.***

Basic Part-Time Law Enforcement Officer Training In accordance with Public Act 89-170, all part-time police officers in the state of Illinois are required to successfully complete a Basic Part-Time Law Enforcement Officer Training Course. The tuition shown above is eligible for reimbursement through the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board.